Q. What type of camera do you use to broadcast your live feed?

A.  We have 2 Axis Cams, PTZ P5635-E MKII.  One is located about 65 ft up in a tree near the nest. The other is located on a building on our property about 30 feet in the air.  They are both hardwired. The cam in the tree has audio. The other cam does not have audio.

Q. Is the nest on private property?

A. Yes it is private property and No Trespassing is Allowed. The best way to view what’s happening is to watch the live stream here on our website!

Q. When did Lucy & Ricky arrive at this nest?

A. In 2013. Read the entire story on the History tab on this website.


Q.  Why is there music so near the nest?

A.  This is a personal live cam on private property located on Lake Murray in South Carolina. You will hear music playing often. It drowns out our personal conversations to the YouTube world. On occasion we may mute the mic.

Q. Why are vehicles so near the nest?

A. Objects below the nest are NOT as close as they appear. Cars or people seen below the nest are probably about 20 to 30 feet away.